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Ablution container

Ablution Container

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Our ablution container adopts a brand new, or second handed standard ISO 40 feet container to modify into ablution use. The ablution container can be designed as male type and female type, all components including basins, lavatory, shower units, urinal, etc will be fixed before delivery and shipment. The ablution container has power connection, waste collection system, complete plumbing system with water resort, AC system and Heating system. This type of container can be used separately, or mounted on a standard flatbed trailer to serve as a mobile toleit. It's quite useful and common is oil field, mining sites and other construction sites. It can be shipped as a normal container so the total shipment cost can be reduced.

Ablution Container Features

  • Modified from ISO standard sea container
  • Delivery can be completely built-up
  • In-house modification, floor, wall, roof all pre-fabricated
  • Ready to hook up local power and water system

Featuring diagram

diagram of ablution container

Featuring specification

  • Name: Modified 40HQ ISO container for mail ablution used, mounted on a flatbed trailer
  • Ceiling and wall: 50mm color coated EPS panel
  • Floor planking: 2mm PVC flooring
  • Doors: Composite steel frame door with knob locks
  • Window: 9 sets of fixed perspex and complted with burglar bars and shipment covers
  • Lavatories: 5 sets with EPS panel as partitions with locks and hinges
  • Shower heads: 5 sets with EPS panel as partitions with locks, hinges and waterproof
  • Basins: 9 sets of ceramic basins
  • Water resort: 400 liters overhead water tank
  • Urinal: 9 ceramic urinals
  • Electric system: 220V, one distribution cabinet. All wires and sockets pre-fixed
  • Lamps: 3 doublevapour proof fluorescent lamps
  • Ventilation fans: 2 sets of exhaust fans
  • AC: 1.5P air conditioner wall mounted units

Shipment option

The alubtion container can be shipped completed as a normal ISO container so the freight is charged by regular ocean container. All items will be pre-fixed inside and used directly when container arrives. If there is any windows that should be made on the container, they will be pre-made and covered with some other material.

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