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Flatbed trailer

Flatbed Trailer Manufacturer|Container Trailer for Sale

Flatbed trailer for sale

We are the leading flatbed trailer manufacturer providing flatbed trailer for sale, container trailer for sale. Also, called as flat deck that is commonly used for ocean freight container transporting, cargo as wood, crop pallets, steel parts can also be used in flatbed. Standard flatbed trailer can load two units of 20ft container and one unit of 40ft, with ISO twist locks. The flatbed trailer normally adopts 2 axle or 3 axle, sidewall, side pillars, headboards, D-rings etc, can also be supplied as an option. It's one of the most widely used type of trailer, the details of flatbed trailer have significant impacts on the trailer quality. The frame of our trailer is made from best steel from China, all bolts and screws adopt nylon type, there are also multiple inspections on the welding jobs.

Flatbed Container Trailer Features

  • Main frame made from high tension steel
  • International standard dimension and fitting
  • Suitable for container transporting and common cargo
  • Sidewall, headboard, side pillars as options.

Flatbed Trailer Featuring diagram

diagram of container trailer for sale

Container Trailer Featuring specification

  • Name: 3 axle flatbed trailer for common container loading
  • Loading capacity: 40 ton
  • Overall dimension: 12500*2500*1300mm
  • Useful deck length: 12500mm
  • Axle: 13T*3, FUWA, Anqiao, Man, York, BPW, etc.
  • Container locks: ISO standard container twist locks.
  • Tires: 11R22.5, 12 tires + 1 spare tires, Triangle, Chaoyang, double coin, Michellin, Bridgestone, etc.
  • Frame: Q550 high tension steel
  • Kingpin: 2'' JOST Kingpin
  • Landing gear: Double speed JOST
  • Spare tire carrier: 1~2
  • Brake system: Wabco dual line pneumatic brake line
  • Accessories: whole set of standard tools and tool box
  • Light: Tail lamp, side lamp, brake lamp, etc, all LED
  • Surface: sandblasted
  • Painting: base coating + Surface painting
  • Electrical system: 12/24V, 7 socket (US, EU or Australian standard)

Shipment option

Normally, two standard flatbed container trailer can be disassembled and loaded into one 40ft ISO container. Local assembly is required for this type of shipment and the assembly work is very easy. Bulk transportation is also available, 3 flatbeds make up a bundle. The total freight cost will be saved by almost 30%.

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