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Vacuum tanker trailer

Vacuum Tanker Trailer

vacuum tanker trailer

The vacuum tanker trailer adopts a vacuum pump to suck the air out of the tank for the generation of the minus pressure. All the waste, including sewage, impurities and crude oil sludge can be pushed into the tank for storage and transportation. The tanker has various size, normally in round shape to guarantee maximum resistance against exterior air pressure, steel plate thickness can reach 8mm. The air compressor pump is the most critical part of the trailer, it can be driven by PTO or a separate diesel engine. The rear door, controlled by hydraulic cylinder, can be opened for the further removal of the waste. It's widely used in city sewage network or oil field.

Vacuum Tanker Trailer Features

  • Tank body made from high tension steel
  • High quality vacuum pump with water cooling system
  • Rear door can be opened by hydraulic cylinder
  • Main components purchased from famous brand

Vacuum Tanker Trailer Featuring diagram

diagram of vacuum tanker trailer

Vacuum Tanker Trailer Featuring specification

  • Name: 3 axle 30CBM vacuum tanker trailer
  • Loading capacity: 30,000 litres
  • Overall dimension: 11000*2500*3800mm
  • Vacuum pump: Hydraulic vacuum pump with water cooling system
  • Rear door: Opened by hydraulic cylinder
  • Axle: 9T*3 (FUWA, Anqiao, Man, York or BPW)
  • Frame: Q550 high tension steel
  • Tanker body: High tension steel, 8mm thickness
  • Kingpin: 2'' Kingpin JOST
  • Landing gear: Double speed JOST
  • Spare tyre carrier: 1~2
  • Brake system: Wabco dual line pneumatic brake line
  • Electrical system: 12/24V, 7 pin socket (US, EU or Australian standard)
  • Accessories: Handrail, ladders, fire extinguisher
  • Light: tail lamp, side lamp, brake lamp, etc. All LED.
  • Surface process: Sandblasted
  • Painting: base coating + surface painting.

Shipment option

The same as all other type of tanker trailer, it's difficult to load the sewage vacuum tanker trailer inside a 40ft container. CBU is the only way of shipment, the freight cost will occupy a large amount in the total cost of the purchasing of vacuum tanker trailer.

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