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demountable oil tanker

Demountable Oil Tanker

demountable oil tanker for sale

Our demountable oil tanker is specially design for the transportation of gasoline, diesel or other kinds of fuel in rural place like mountains, islands or between villeages. The tanker size is normally 20 cubic meter, the basement of tanker has 4 ISO container twisted locks which enable the tanker to be fixed on a standard flatbed trailer. The tanker body adopts steel plate or aluminum as optional, 6mm in thickness with 2~4 compartments. The discharging is normally by gravity. Pumps can be used as an option. Other facilities provided included manholes, lipsticks, discharging valves, ladders. The tanker body will be painted with logo or any banners that the customer assigns.

Demountable Oil Tanker Features

  • Suitable for fuel transportation is rural regions
  • Steel and aluminum options
  • Can be fixed on standard flatbed trailer
  • Whole set of instrutments for oil tanker

Featuring diagram

diagram of demountable oil tanker

Featuring specification

  • Name: 20m³ demountable oil tanker with steel, stainless steel or aluminum option
  • Loading capacity: 20m³
  • Overall dimension: 6060*2495*2435mm
  • Compartments: 1
  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Components: ISO container twist locks, vapor recovery system, independent pump and engine
  • Surface: sandblasted
  • Painting: base coating + Surface painting

Shipment option

CBU terms should be chosen for such tanker shipment.

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