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sliding door container

Sliding Door Container

sliding door container for sale

The sliding door container is a special desgin unit for small cargo (beverage, crop pallet, courier pallet, food, etc) storage and transportation. It's designed as a demountable unit while it can be placed separately, or mounted on the standard flatbed trailer and fixed by ISO container locks. The container can be made into 20ft type, or 40ft type. The front is fixed, rear part can be open as normal rear doors. Both sides are equipped with silding doors for cargo loading and discharging. Between doors, it's inter-lockable. Forklift holes are preserved at the lower part of container for forklift to mount the container completely into the trailer, or discharge from it. Crane holes are also provided in case the mounting is carried on by cranes.

Sliding Door Container Features

  • Reasonable design for small cargo loading & unloading
  • Sliding doors, which are inter-lockable, on both sides
  • Demountable design to fixed on trailer by ISO locks
  • Special design preserved for forklift or crane

Featuring diagram

diagram of sliding door container

Featuring specification

  • Name: Container body for beverage pallet transportation
  • Loading capacity: 30 tons
  • Overall dimension: 7000*2500*2000mm
  • Structure: Container with 6 sliding gates, lockable, 3 gates on each side
  • Capacity: 35000L
  • Components: ISO container twist locks that enable the container to be locked on flatbed
  • Frame: Q345 high tension steel
  • Surface: sandblasted
  • Painting: base coating + Surface painting
  • Electrical system: 12/24V, 7 socket (US, EU or Australian standard)

Shipment option

CBU terms should be chosen for such container shipment. The cost will be relatively cheaper as the size is similar to a regular ocean container and the freight is charged accordingly based on regular sea freight charge

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