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Curtain side trailer

Curtain Side Trailer

curtain side trailer for sale

The curtain side trailer is widely used in food, beverage, crop pallet and other pallet stuff transportation. The whole structure of the trailier is a normal box trailer while the side of the container is not covered by steel plate but instead high tension non wooven fabric which can be opened and closed easily. The fabric material can be printed with logo or any design that the customer wants. Compared with those box type trailer which the loading & unloading is taken place at the rear door, the curtain side trailer has a faster loading efficiency by just opening the side cutains. It's very useful in small size cargo transportation in remote or rural places while the total cargo quanity is not big.

Curtain Side Trailer Features

  • High tension non wooven fabric to cover the side
  • Various box capacity
  • Main structure adopts high tension steel
  • Main components purchased from famous brand

Featuring diagram

diagram of curtain side trailer

Featuring specification

  • Name: 40ft curtain side trailer
  • Loading capacity: 40 tons
  • Overall dimension: 15000*2500*3900mm
  • Side curtain: High tension non wooven fabric
  • Curtain frame: Steel or Aluminum
  • Axle: 9T*3 (FUWA, Anqiao, Man, York or BPW)
  • Frame: Q550 high tension steel
  • Tanker body: High tension steel, 8mm thickness
  • Kingpin: 2'' Kingpin JOST
  • Landing gear: Double speed JOST
  • Spare tyre carrier: 1~2
  • Brake system: Wabco dual line pneumatic brake line
  • Electrical system: 12/24V, 7 pin socket (US, EU or Australian standard)
  • Accessories: Handrail, ladders, fire extinguisher
  • Light: tail lamp, side lamp, brake lamp, etc. All LED.
  • Surface process: Sandblasted
  • Painting: base coating + surface painting.

Shipment option

The curtain side trailer is a whole box structure mounted on a trailer chassis. If the local welding condition is allowed, the curtain side trailer can be loaded into 40ft container and finish the welding in local workshop. if not, CBU transportation should be used and the freight cost will be higher.

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