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Trailer Category

car carrier trailer
Standard model of car carrier trailer includes 5 rigid type, 6-vehicle carrier, 8-vehicle carrier, 10-vehicle and more, normally 2 layers
lowboy trailer, lowbed trailer
We are one of the leading professional lowboy trailer manufacturers, our featuring low bed trailer for sale are welded by longitudinal beam, side beam and crossbeam.
Folding gooseneck lowboy trailer
The folding gooseneck trailer has a special hydraulic system in the gooseneck, which can sleep on the ground completely, enabling vehicles to load from the front. .
Detachable goosenck lowboy trailer
The detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer, that can also be called as modular trailer, adopts a pair of hydraulic cylinder at the front gooseneck, which can be separate from the trailer deck.
Flatbed trailer
We are the leading flatbed trailer manufacturer providing flatbed trailer for sale, container trailer for sale. Also, called as flat deck that is commonly used for ocean freight container transporting, cargo as wood, crop pallets, steel parts can also be used in flatbed.
Fuel Tanker Trailer
The Fuel tanker trailer is designed for the stable and secure transportation of fuels and other liquid. Common tanker model includes 36CBM, 42CBM, 52CBM, 60CBM, etc.
aluminum tanker trailer
The aluminum tanker trailer is the updated version of normal fuel tanker trailer. The main tanker body is made from aluminum plate instead of steel, which will increase the total weight of the trailer.
dumper trailer
China dumper trailer supplied by us has various payload capacity ranging from 20 to 50 tons. The dumper body can be U shape or with sharp angle. The hydraulic cylinder, which powered by PTO from the prime mover, has multi-stage station.
vacuum tanker trailer
The vacuum tanker trailer adopts a vacuum pump to suck the air out of the tank for the generation of the minus pressure. All the waste, including sewage, impurities, crude oil sludge, etc can be pushed into the tank.
bulk cement trailer
The bulk cement trailer is normlly used in powder cargo transportation such as cement, mineral powder, ashes, flour, and other powder with diameter less than 0.1mm. The powder is discharged by compressed air generated by the air compressor.
curtain side trailer
The curtain side trailer is widely used in food, beverage, crop pallet and other pallet stuff transportation. The whole structure of the trailier is a normal box trailer while the side of the container is covered with high tension non wooven fabric which can be opened and closed easily.
gullwing trailer
Gullwing trailer is suitable for rice crates, beverage pallets, etc loading and transportation. The side panel can be fulling opened like the wing of a gull.
ablution container
Our ablution container adopts a brand new, or second handed standard ISO 40 feet container to modify into ablution use. The ablution container can be designed as male type and female type, all components including basins, lavatory, shower units, urinal, etc will be fixed before delivery and shipment.
demountable oil tanker
Our demountable oil tanker is specially design for the transportation of gasoline, diesel or other kinds of fuel in rural place like mountains, islands or between villeages. The tanker size is normally 20 cubic meter, the basement of tanker has 4 ISO container twisted locks which enable the tanker to be fixed on a standard flatbed trailer.
sliding door container
The sliding door container is a special desgin unit for small cargo (beverage, crop pallet, courier pallet, food, etc) storage and transportation. It's designed as a demountable unit while it can be placed separately, or mounted on the standard flatbed trailer and fixed by ISO container locks.
wind blade trailer
The wind blade trailer is a specially-designed unit for the transportation of wind turbine blades. Extension function is inevitable in such kind of trailer. Before extension, the trailer is basically a skeleton of a normal flatbed trailer, which is available for ISO container or other regular cargo transportation.
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