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Folding Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer

lowboy trailer

The folding gooseneck trailer has a special hydraulic system in the gooseneck, which can sleep on the ground completely, enabling vehicles to load from the front. The hydraulic power can be a separate diesel / gasoline engine, or powered by PTO from the mover. It's very useful in heavy duty vehicle transportation, such as military force, air port service vehicle, etc. The trailer can be designed as extendable ones, both in terms of length and width. The axles can be fixed type or modular type with steering function during operation, dolly is sometimes used to make the long trailer steering more easily.

Folding Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer Features

  • Hydraulic gooseneck which can sleep on the ground
  • Powered from diesel / gasoline engine, or from PTO
  • Fixed axle or steering axle, dolly optional
  • Fixed length or extendale length

Featuring diagram

diagram of lowboy trailer

Featuring specification

  • Name: 3 axle folding gooseneck lowboy trailer
  • Payload: 70 tons, 30 tons after extension
  • Overall dimension: 17000*3000*1750 (before extension)
  • Useful deck length: 9000mm
  • Axle: 20T*3 (FUWA, Anqiao, Man, York or BPW)
  • Hydraulic gooseneck: folding type, 4 cylinders, the gooseneck can lay on ground
  • Tires: 12R24, 12 tires + 1 spare tire (triangle, Chaoyang or Double coin)
  • Frame: Q550 high tension steel
  • Kingpin: 2'' Kingpin JOST
  • Landing gear: Double speed JOST
  • Power: Honda Gasoline engine, or Kubota.
  • Spare tire carrier: 1~2
  • Brake system: Wabco Dual line pneumatic brake line
  • Electrical system: 12/24V, 7 socket (US, EU or Australian standard)
  • Accessories: Tool box, D-rings, Stake pocket, container twist locks, etc.
  • Light: Tail lamp, side lamp, brake lamp, etc. All LED type.
  • Surface process: Sandblasted
  • Painting: Base coating + Surface painting

Shipment option

The same as common low loader trailer, the total cubage is not big. It will be more wise to ship to folding gooseneck lowboy trailer completely. Unless road transportation is avaible.

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