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    Trailers for special cargo transportation
  • car carrier trailer
    Low trailers for heavy cargo transportation
  • tanker trailer
    Trailers for liquid, powder, sewage transportation

What We Offer

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Located in Beijing, Mercurius is a professional trailer manufacturer and exporter with over 20 years of experience.

Standard types of trailers that we supply include low bed trailer, flatbed trailer for container transportation, car carrier for vehicle transportation, steel or aluminum tanker trailer, etc. Compared with other trailer manufacturer, our factory locates near the largest steel manufacturing plant and rubber processing area in China, it enables us to get reasonable raw material price which will result in competitive trailer price for customers. Apart from that, the factory locates only 100km from Tianjin, the largest sea port in North China, land transportation cost is relatively low.

In R&D (Research & Development) department of Mercurius, there is a good team of technicians with great initiatives of innovation. They always come out with new design to satisfy the special requirement from the customer, such as hydraulic folding gooseneck lowbed, hydraulic detachable lowbed, container side loader, gullwing trailer for rice crate loading, and extendable flatbed for windmill transport, etc. In Mercurius, we take customers' needs as priority, we help customer to work out reasonable trailer design according to whatever their special needs are.

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Why Choose Mercurius Semi Trailer
  • Hardware advantages
    Latest trailer technology and skilled workers
  • Customer oriented
    Design tailered trailer based on customers' needs
  • Various shipment options
    Choose best solution for shipment to save cost
  • Technical support
    Send workers for assembly and keep providing spare parts at reasonal price
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