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Wind blade trailer

Wind Blade Trailer

wind blade trailer for sale

The wind blade trailer is a specially-designed unit for the transportation of wind turbine blades. Extension function is inevitable in such kind of trailer. Before extension, the trailer is basically a skeleton of a normal flatbed trailer, which is available for ISO container or other regular cargo transportation. In the front middle of the trailer deck, it's cut, enabling the trailer to extend into over 30 or 40m for wind turbine blade transportation. Since the trailer is too long after extension, bogie steering type axle is sometimes adopted to faciliate the turning during road duty. Special locks are also placed on the deck to lock the blade. Air suspension is also a good option for the stablization.

Wind Blade Trailer Features

  • Extendable design to over 40 meters
  • Bogie steering axle to faciliate the turning
  • Special locks for wind turbine blades
  • Air suspension is preferred for stablization

Featuring diagram

diagram of wind blade trailer

Featuring specification

  • Name: 18~40m extendable flatbed trailer for wind turbine blade transportation
  • Loading capacity: 40 ton before extension, 5 ton after extension
  • Overall dimension: before extension 18000*2500*1250mm, after extension: 40000*2500*1250
  • Useful deck length: 18000~40000mm
  • Suspension: Air suspension
  • Axle: bogie steering type suspension, 3 axle line, 6 balanced axles.
  • Tires: 11R22.5, 12 tires + 1 spare tires, Triangle, Chaoyang, double coin, Michellin, Bridgestone, etc.
  • Frame: Q550 high tension steel for main frame, Q700 for extension frame
  • Kingpin: 2'' JOST Kingpin
  • Landing gear: Double speed JOST
  • Spare tire carrier: 1~2
  • Brake system: Wabco dual line pneumatic brake line
  • Accessories: whole set of standard tools and tool box
  • Light: Tail lamp, side lamp, brake lamp, etc, all LED
  • Surface: sandblasted
  • Painting: base coating + Surface painting
  • Electrical system: 12/24V, 7 socket (US, EU or Australian standard)

Shipment option

The wind blade trailer doesn't occupies much space before suspension, therefore it is more reasonable is send in CBU terms while it can be used directly when the trailer arrives

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